Scratch Off Printing- It’s What We Do.


When people think of scratch off cards they think one thing: winning.  Everyone loves a chance to win something for nothing!  Promo Printing Group combines years of experience with the latest printing technologies to create winning promotions. These promotions excite, entice and engage their target audiences.  This marketing tool has boosted revenue for small businesses and large corporations alike.  They create brand awareness, increase customer bases, and as a result, scratch off printing promotions can change the way some companies advertise altogether.

What Can We do For You?

The options we offer with our scratch off and patented Peel & Win® promotions surpass our competition and imitators- even state lotteries do not produce some of the scratch material options we carry.  Because we continue to find solutions to suit client needs, we manufacture scratch and peel marketing pieces in a multitude of forms. Cards, tickets, stickers, postcards, folded mailers, posters, brochures, gift cards and more.  Think you have a new idea that we haven’t seen?  Promo Printing Group can work with you to bring your idea to fruition- our employees have a combined 90+ years in the business.  That type of experience in this niche industry is hard to find, so most importantly you want to be able to trust your vendors to know their industry.  You’ve come to the right place.

How Can Scratch Off Printing Benefit You?

Scratch and Peel Promotions create a wonderful environment to attract new clients, renew past relationships, and leave a lasting mark on your customers.  Show your appreciation to repeat business, or entice those on the fence of a new purchase with a scratch or peel promotion.  Prizes and coupons awarded can be totally customized by you- depending on the budget, sales goals, excess inventory, current specials and what you are trying to accomplish. This means YOU keep total control of your prizes awarded and the quantity printed for each.  Competing scratch off companies can require set odds on runs and make you print minimums for prizes- NOT US! We do not try to put your business into a one-size-fits-all program.  Your scratch or peel promotion should be custom built for your business and your needs.

Promo Printing Group prides itself on our ever-evolving technologies. We also boast unsurpassed customer service excellence and a close relationship with each of our clients.  Our abilities to design and manufacture promotions that build your brand and increase your bottom line is second to none.  Our experience matters- scratch off printing and Peel & Win® games cannot and SHOULD NOT be printed by just anyone.  This is not something you should trust with your neighborhood copy center or business forms company.  One slight misprint or over run, and the job and your name is tarnished.  Our triple check processes and secure printing environment ensure that you never have to worry about poor quality, printing errors or over printing of prize pools.

Why Choose Us?

Our reviews speak for themselves.  Promo Printing Group has a network of 50K+ happy clients who have used our services over the years. Always happy, always impressed at the level of quality in which we produce.  Of course, we are proud of our accomplishments and dedicated customer base, but don’t take our word for it.  Try a scratch or peel promotion out for your company. Let us prove that these promotions create an avenue of customer engagement that other promotions do not.

Any of our highly trained promotion coordinators would be happy to show you how a scratch or peel promotion could change the way you do your marketing.  Our offices are open 9-5:30 with associates available by phone, email or chat.

You will always speak to a live person during business hours and never get stuck in voicemail!  Call us at 813-831-9902 or send an email to