Mystery Discount Cards

Companies like JC Penney, Sears, Bealls, & Kohls Department stores have been using Mystery Discount Scratch off Cards to increase their traffic and sales for years!

How Mystery Discount Scratch Off Cards work: Targeted consumers receive a Mystery Discount Card typically in the mail or as an insert in a newspaper. Consumers are guaranteed to receive discounts ranging from 10% – 50% off or even complete shopping sprees. You will choose the best offers to fit your marketing needs. However, they can’t remove the scratch off before they visit your location. In order to see what they have won, the consumer must bring the surprise coupon card to your establishment (scratch off intact). If for some reason they accidentally remove the card we typically supply you with overs to give out at your location just in case.

Another successful way these custom mystery discount cards for businesses can be used is by handing them out to customers as they enter your store. The customer discount cards are particularly successful when you are selling larger ticket items such as furniture and automobiles. This will entice customers to make an immediate purchase as they are guaranteed to receive the minimum discount that you offer.

After they have selected their purchases, and brought them to the register, they will be allowed to remove the scratch off to reveal their discount. The discount will be applied only to items they have chosen to purchase at that time. They cannot go back and add to their purchase after the fact. The reason this promotion always works is that they are guaranteed to receive at least 10% OFF with a good chance the discount could be substantially higher! Everyone loves the chance to win something. Mystery Discount Scratch Off cards can seal the deal! Check out the sizes and rates that we offer. As always you can call us at 813-831-9902 Mon-Fri 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM and speak to a live person. You will not get lost in a silly voicemail system.

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