Safety Programs

Our Safety Promotion Scratch off Cards can be completely customized with your Full Color Logo and Your Prizes, or Point Values printed under the scratch off area. Includes 6 prize/point levels and you determine the quantity of each prize. Here are just are few samples! Call us today to get started on your own safety incentive program!!

NEW Turn Key Promotions!
Choose from three turn-key promotions that are preprinted and can be customized with your prizes. Just download the order form and fax it in with your prizes and the job will ship in 2-3 days!

We have helped companies all over the world develop and promote safety incentive programs within factories, supermarkets, retail dealers and offices. No promotional device available today has been so uniquely and consistently effective in producing desired results as scratch off cards. Our full-color safety promotion scratch off cards can be custom-designed to meet your objectives for any safety program.

What a scratch off safety program can accomplish:

  • Maintains and improves the safety awareness level
  • Introduces and reinforces safety concepts and programs to new employees or those who have not really paid attention to the program.
  • Makes all employees aware of your new safety thrust and introduce this fun program to make them all better safety practitioners with a renewed level of safety awareness and performance.
  • Impresses upon all employees that management considers safety to be an extremely high-priority corporate objective.
  • Presents a positive feeling about safety. A “team effort” approach designed to make everyone pull together with safety consciousness.
  • Offers a fun, exciting, and rewarding yet challenging incentive for all.

Time Frame:
The time frame of this promotion should be three or four months. This will be enough time for each employee to be exposed to all of the different safety phrases you are promoting.

Game Card Design:
Keep the game card simple and easy to understand. Base the card on a theme, which reinforces your products.

The Cards Below Are Some of Our Top-Rated Safety Scratch Off Programs!

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