Pre-Trade Show Promotion Mailers & Postcards for Marketing

No motivating device today has been so uniquely and consistently effective in attracting attention before a show as a pre-trade show scratch off promotional mailer.

By using a scratch off element as a pre-trade show promotion you will excite potential customers even before the trade show begins!

Spark interest in prospective trade show attendees by using a scratch off postcard, a custom-designed self-mailer, or inserting a game piece.

Typically, we use matching numbers or symbols under the scratch off area. In order to find out what they have won, the attendees must come to your booth. This will give you the chance to discuss the services and/or products you are offering and give them the chance to see if they have won anything.

This pre-trade show advertising will focus attention on your booth, providing effective support for your selling efforts at a show.