Natural Gas Scratch & Sniff Safety Cards

Nationwide, our Natural Gas Scratch and Sniff cards are used by thousands of public utilities to teach children the risks and safety surrounding natural gas. Below are just a few samples of the cards that we produce. Our standard scratch and sniff cards are printed in full color on both sides on a heavy 12-point coated two sides premium card stock with a 1″ Natural Gas scratch & sniff area. We can custom quote any of your needs.

Scratch-and-sniff mercaptan cards teach kids and their families to recognize gas leaks—and how to stay safe if they do notice a leak. One side of the card has a 1″ area of natural gas scent (mercaptan). Once this area is scratched it will release an encapsulated micro cent that mimics the smell of Natural Gas. This area can be repeatedly scratched over a period of time to make sure the child understands and recognizes the smell of natural gas.

Why we should educate on the odor of Natural Gas – Do you know the basics?

  • To burn, the gas must mix with the proper amount of air and be ignited by a flame or a spark. Burning natural gas without enough air produces carbon monoxide, a deadly poison. This is colorless and odorless.
  • Pure natural gas is also colorless and odorless. A chemical odorant is added that gives natural gas a distinctive sulfur-like odor. This is called MERCAPTAN. Our natural gas scratch & sniff mimics this odor to help educate on what to be aware of.
  • A faint odor of gas may mean that a burner has been left on with no flame, or a pilot light is out. A strong odor means you should leave the home at once and call 911 and your natural gas company ASAP.
  • Your gas-burning equipment should be inspected regularly by a qualified service person. Check vents, flue pipes, connections, and chimneys periodically for corrosion or blockages.

TEACH NATURAL GAS SAFETY TO YOUR FAMILY – How our cards help public utilities to do this.

  • Contact your local gas utility and request samples of natural gas scratch and sniff cards to be mailed to you. By law, they are required to have this information available to anyone who requests it.
  • Use these Scratch & Sniff cards to educate and teach small children what Natural Gas smells like and what they should be aware of if they ever smell it in your home.
  • Every adult in your family should know where the shut-off valve is at the meter. This valve should be closed only in the event of a gas emergency in your home
  • Teach small children to stay away from the gas range and all gas-burning appliances. Don’t let children swing from or play with pipes leading to water heaters or ranges.
  • Practice safety drills for getting the family out of the house at night in case of a gas emergency.
  • Take your family on a guided tour of your home’s gas-burning appliances. Make sure they are aware of the consequences of playing or tampering with this equipment.


Quantity Small2″ x 3.5″ Regular3″ x 5″ Postcard4.25″ x 6″ Jumbo8.5″ x 6
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10,000 $995 $1,218 $1,417 $1,571
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