A scratch off or patented Peel & Win® promotion is key to generating buzz.  Scratch off promos for tax prep companies are a great way to gain clients and boost revenue.

The tax industry is unique in that it provides services assisting with something every American is required to do by law- file yearly income taxes. The nature of this business is immune to recession, but there are things that must be done to stand apart from your competition. As a tax prep company, you have only 4 months to secure as much business as possible for the “season.” With over a reported 109K firms in the US, it is imperative to get noticed and stay relevant.  Scratch off or Peel & Win® cards accomplish this at a low cost while yielding big results.

Scratch off or Peel & Win® cards offer a fun, engaging approach to the traditional coupon or special offer. First of all, the cards are highly interactive. Because the cards are scratched or peeled, they require customers to spend more time viewing the cards.  This helps to establish a longer impression of the company.  People thumb through, click through, and see ads or coupons every day. Perhaps a fraction of those are memorable.  It is this additional time spent interacting with a promotional scratch off or peel piece that drives busines. Because this is a tangible item that people can hold, see, and touch, it stimulates more senses than a traditional radio ad or tv promo.  Therefore, these added associations with the brand help to reinforce your company in the client’s mind.

Some great ways to use scratch offs in your tax office might include:

– Refer a Friend Programs:

Distributing cards to current clients with the idea that they hand off the card to a friend or family member to redeem. As a result of the patron returning their card, a prize or discount on future service to the referrer. Think of it as a “finder’s fee.” Another bonus is this greatly expands reach without much effort on the company’s part.

– Mystery Discount Mailings or Handouts:

A targeted mailing, USPS EDDM, or hand out piece with a “mystery discount” prize instructs the patron to leave the prize hidden. This requires they visit the office to see what they have won. Artwork would be geared at highlighting the prizes to be awarded- enticing the potential clients to come to the location.  Intrigued customers, tempted by the possibility of being the big winner, choose your office to prepare their taxes. The prize is then revealed when charging for services.

– Lucky Number Match:

Consumers receive a Lucky Number Match Postcard via the mail.  Consumers are eligible to receive discounts or win prizes based on the number printed. In order to claim the prize, the consumer must bring the card to your establishment to match the number to an offer. In doing this, you force the interaction with your business. This creates more opportunity for new customers to walk through the doors where they may not have otherwise.

– Upsell Tax Products:

Use the scratch off or Peel & Win® cards to lead customers into upgraded products or services provided.  This could be credit monitoring services, audit protection, tax return loans, etc.  Since you are increasing the amount of services performed, this ultimately stimulates the revenue the company is producing.

– Set Up Next Year’s Clients:

Distribute scratch or peel card at the end of service, good for a discount on the next year’s preparation fees. In doing so, business is cemented for another season.

– Swag Giveaway:

In conjunction with discounts on products or service, one could also use the scratch offs as a means to award promotional prizes from the office. Promotional items (think logo’ed hats, key chains, stress balls, pens, t-shirts, post it notes, etc.) branded with your company’s info helps your name spread. PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) reports that 58% of people keep promotionally branded items from one to four years.  As a result of awarding promotional items ad prizes, these items could continue working to spread your great name. Most of all, this is a great way to go, because while there is an initial investment up front, the resounding impact is immeasurable.

Why wouldn’t you consider investing in a promotional tool that generates a ton of new clients for a low investment? With just a few short months to do as much business as possible, it seems like the only way to go, right? We make a huge impact, yet have packages starting for as little as $170 for 250 cards. Also, our cards come in different sizes and product options to accommodate any size tax office, big or small. Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax are just a couple of our clients who have done great things using our cards. It is because of their success using scratch off cards, they return year after year. Much like these clients, you could be reveling in the success scratch cards bring your tax office, too.

Check out the video below.

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