Superstar Incentive – Scratch off Posters

These full color 12″ x 18″ scratch off posters allow you to instantly create your own scratch off incentive program. You will determine your prizes and outcome based on the predetermined odds. Can be used for employee incentives, sales incentives, trade shows, and safety promotions. Your imagination is the only limitation. Each poster is customized to feature your business name, contest name or full color logo. Our design team will work with you to personalize this scratch off poster to fit your needs.

How The Scratch Off Posters Work:

First of all, there are 50 stars on the front this board and each star has a unique number ranging from 1-50. An associate will scratch off the star and match their number to the prize listed below. They will write in their name next to that number. When all stars are scratched off, the Grand Prize Star will be removed to reveal one Lucky Grand Prize Winner. The more scratch off stars earned, the better chance of winning the Grand Prize.

How to Determine the Prizes on the Superstar Scratch Off Posters:

The prizes are determined by you based on the odds, your budget and your goals. Fill in your prizes on the front of the scratch off posters based on the following odds. Then write in your Grand Prize in the space indicated.  You can use dollar amounts, gift cards, time off from work and or physical prizes of your choosing. Call us at 813-831-9902

Custom quotes are available for any kind of scratch off poster printing.

Numbers Odds Chance of Winning
01-30 30 in 50 60%
31-40 10 in 50 20%
41-45 5 in 50 10%
46-46 3 in 50 6%
49-50 2 in 50 4%