Covid 19 Loss Of Smell Test Cards (Pack Of 250)


Each pack contains 250 scratch and sniff COVID test cards.

According to the Mayo Clinic 41% of patients positive for Covid 19 report loss of smell. When screening for Covid 19 symptoms, temperature alone may not be enough of an indicator. Using these cards allows the additional screening for loss of smell.

These cards are disposable, non-toxic, and have a 1″ scratch-activated scent area. Simply remove a card from the pack with a gloved hand, ask the recipient to identify the smell or nature of the smell, and dispose of the card once completed. While these cards do not test for Covid 19 infection itself and can not replace the opinion of a medical doctor, they do provide a low-cost method to enhance current screening procedures. Most orders will ship same day, and shipping is included for free with USPS Priority mail.

Order more to save!

250 pieces (1 pack) is $59.00

500 pieces (2 packs) is $89.00

1,000 Pieces (4 Packs) is $99.00

2,500 pieces (10 packs) is $199.00

Cards are 2″ x 3.5″, printed in full color on the front with black on the back. 12 pt. C2S with a simulated natural gas scent.

Order these scratch and smell test cards today to supplement your current Covid 19 screening with a loss of smell test.

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250, 500, 1,000, 2,500

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Christmas tree/Pine, Natural Gas


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