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scratch cards printingCustomer service training never stops. Whether it’s a formalized program or employees modeling their behavior upon each other or management, what comes to be accepted as normal is what your customers, both external and internal, will experience during their interactions with your team. Some organizations, like the Ritz Carlton, have a much regimented routine to continually train their employees for service excellence and share experiences, stories, and the most recent service recovery actions taken to rectify problems. In the end, these are retellings of how staff managed to delight their customers even if the initial encounter was negative. Service recovery stories are great teaching tools!

Scratch off cards are a great way to reinforce customer service training and they can also add variety to the instruction environment when groups are assigned different sets for different sessions. There’s always something, whether it be a new innovation or standard or even information related to a new book or seminar, that can be applied and incorporated toward delivering awesome service to your customers. There are five generally agreed upon critical customer service skills to hire for and nurture among your staff. They are:

  • Empathy
  • Positivity
  • Patience
  • Clarity
  • Improvement

Using these five as a baseline, a program can be mixed up with emphasis on each skill with different angles to fully explore these core principles. With the ability to customize stacks of scratch off cards, training can be kept fresh and even lead to greater sharing among participants when they debrief each other at the end of training sessions: “If you want to win your round, scratch off this answer…” The right answers are the winning answers underscoring any organizations desire for a way to reinforce customer service training in a fun and engaging manner.

Continuous training leads to improvement, it’s critical to your organization’s customer service skills that lessons are delivered with interest and regular frequency. To maintain success, you should never stop training. Don’t have time to conduct formal training during season or a holiday rush? Scratch off cards are a great way to put your values literally in the hands of your employees. The cards can be customized to showcase your top priorities for a given period of time. For instance, during a holiday rush, reinforce skills related to speedy checkouts, price checks, price matching, etc. After the sale in a post-holiday period, highlight the return process and what the firm’s policy is on returns: Is it 100% money back guarantee, a swap for the same item, return for store credit, or perhaps all of the above? Particularly when dealing with seasonal workers, the onboarding process has to be quick and effective so the operation can run smooth with as few hiccups as possible. And the fun of scratch off tickets with a potential for prize reinforcement keeps even temporary workers engaged with your aspirations for great customer service.

Want to grow your business? Numerous studies demonstrate that happy customers buy more products and services, buy them more often, and they tell their friends and colleagues to buy from where they had a great experience too. The average happy customer shares details of their happy experience with nine different people. Wow! They add a great ambiance too your physical and/or virtual space. Positive reviews online are great enhancements to your business’s presence and perception by new and existing customers. The benefits of having happy customers are legion. Having happy customers and having great customer service go hand in hand, and having great customer service is coupled with effective hiring and training. By incorporating scratch off tickets into your customer service training regimen, you can turn new and existing hires into customer service pros and increase the volume of business and improve your bottom line. Great customer service is one of the most effective and valuable assets your business can obtain.

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