Quick, Low-Cost Way to Better Safety: COVID-19 Loss of Smell Screening Cards


Wondering how to enhance COVID-19 screening without spending a fortune?
Use COVID-19 Loss of Smell Screening Cards! These scratch and sniff cards are an inexpensive, quick and easy method for smell tests.

Anosmia or losing sense of smell is one of the earliest signs of COVID-19. Studies suggest that patients are more likely to have sudden loss of smell than show other well-known symptoms like fever, cough and other respiratory problems. Conducting a smell test as an additional screening method will protect your students, customers and/or employees, improving COVID-19 screenings.

This is especially important for people who are returning to their jobs and schools. It will provide the public with more comfort in knowing that establishments are taking extra steps to keep the environment safer.

Here’s why COVID-19 smell test is important for improving your current screening procedure and how scratch and sniff cards are the way to implement it.

How Smell Test Enhances COVID-19 Screenings

Anosmia can be a symptom for someone infected even without a fever. According to a study conducted by UC San Diego Health, a person with sudden loss of smell is more likely to have been infected by COVID-19 than other infections.

The COVID-19 smell test can be added to regular screenings to improve the detection of both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients. This will help businesses and all public establishments prepare a more receptive method for screening asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

Many People Can Get Through Temperature Check

Temperature check is the most-used screening method for people going in and out of an establishment. This method is practiced in offices and different public areas such as libraries, restaurants and airports.

However, there are some flaws when using temperature alone to determine if someone may or may not have been infected by the virus.

According to Dr. Leo, medical officer of MemorialCare in Fountain Valley, California, non-contact forehead infrared thermometers which are often used to check large numbers of people have poor accuracy on detecting the virus. Meanwhile, the infrared thermal cameras used for mass screening show variable accuracy.

Another problem is that temperature check can’t detect people who are asymptomatic, pre-symptomatic, or experiencing symptoms other than a fever. So relying on temperature checks alone may identify less infected people.


Make Your People Feel Safe. Improve Screenings with COVID-19 Loss of Smell Screening Cards

The COVID-19 Loss of Smell Screening Cards are designed to give a quick and easy way to test your sense of smell.

Like temperature check, the smell test is also quick to perform. You can simply ask the person to use the card to scratch the tip of the nose and identify or describe the smell of the card.

Use this low-cost method together with non-contact infrared thermometers or infrared thermal scanners to make current screening procedures better!


Benefits of Using the COVID-19 Loss of Smell Screening Cards

Help your business or clients feel safer. You can use the COVID-19 Loss of Smell Screening Cards as an addition to direct mailer campaigns. These scratch and sniff cards are useful to supplement your customers’ personal COVID-19 safety precautions.

These non-toxic and disposable cards give a new level of attention to your consumer and make your message more memorable. Plus, it’s a simple, painless, non-intrusive COVID-19 screening!

Our COVID-19 Loss of Smell Screening Cards have different types of smells. Choose from the following two scents available:

  • Good and sweet smell: described as Christmas Tree/Pine, Wood/Trees, Holiday/Wreath
  • Gross smell or unpleasant smell: described as Natural Gas, Sulfur, Rotten Eggs

You can give away different cards to your clients so they can conduct different smell tests.

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The new normal has affected how businesses and public places operate today. It is crucial to ensure a healthy and hygienic environment for the safety of everyone around us.

Remember that the COVID-19 Loss of Smell Screening Cards does not test for COVID-19 itself. However, it provides a low-cost method and can help with extra safety precautions to enhance the current COVID-19 screening processes.


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