Prepare Your Trade Show Marketing and Handouts with Custom Scratch Promotions.


Trade show marketing & handout preparation with Promo Printing Group, Inc.

Trade show marketing has always been one of the best ways to truly connect with your intended audience. It allows you to have one-on-one time with potential customers, show a display of your product or service, and put an actual face (or faces) to your company.

If you want to advance your trade show marketing strategy, then Promo Printing can definitely become a part of your brand’s arsenal. Providing handouts that are in the shape of something related to your company or industry is a great way to connect with customers. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why these unique trade show marketing and handout tips are effective marketing choices:

Makes Your Brand Stand Out
With so many different companies taking part in a trade show all at once, it can be difficult for your particular brand to stand out in the crowd. Rectangular handouts that utilize digital printing designs are perfectly fine in most situations, but if you really want people to notice you, then a scratch off handout is much better. With 21 standard scratch off options plus three different peel off options to choose from, we are certain this is a product for you!

Scratch Off Handouts Are Fun
Scratch off handouts aren’t just practical and effective, but they’re also a lot of fun, too. When someone is handed a custom designed scratch off, what you’ll discover is that most people will immediately smile. The rest of the handouts they receive from the trade show will quickly seem boring and dull in comparison.

Creates Great Word of Mouth
Despite all the new-fashioned marketing techniques the internet has brought forth, word of mouth is still one of the best ways to connect with potential customers and clients. By using custom printing services, you could just find yourself “going viral” at the trade show. People will recognize you put some real thought and effort into designing a piece of marketing that they might get a real kick out of.

Plan to Give All Your Prizes Away!
With extremely high redemption rates, you’ll be running out of prizes in no time!

Create a Lasting Impression
Your target audience will respond amazingly well to marketing campaigns that include innovative designs. Even though your product or service is truly what will impact them the most, it’s easy for all of the brands represented at a trade show to start melding together in the heads of many patrons. Anything that truly stands out, such as a scratch off handout is bound to leave an impression that will last far past the event.

More Likely to Be Passed Around
As they say, “sharing is caring,” right? The best type of marketing is one that people want to pass around and show to others. The big stack of rectangular handouts that they brought home from a trade show is simply not going to cause that type of reaction. The intriguing design of a scratch off handout will often be something an attendee will want to share with others, whether physically or by sharing a photo of it on social media.