Making Direct Sales Scratch Offs Do The Work For You


You have been presented with an opportunity to represent a wonderful Multi Level Marketing or Direct Sales Company. Now you need to find a unique approach to attract and keep clientele coming back. So, what now? How do you market these great beauty, clothing, health and wellness products?  How do you gain and keep momentum?  All my Avon, LulaRoe, MaryKay, Herbalife, Arbonne, ItWorks!, Younique, Scentsy, Partylite and other Brand Ambassadors, you need to read this! Direct Sales scratch offs are the way to go.

First of All, how do you set yourself apart in a sea of other independent MLM or DS reps?  Moreover, how do you do so without investing more money than you make? Using Direct Sales scratch offs or our patented Peel & Win® game is a great start. With companies like those I have mentioned above- oftentimes your neighbor, best friend, church member or family could be your biggest competition, so it’s important to create your own marketing strategy that separates you from the rest.

Need some inspiration on how to make Direct Marketing Sales Promotion scratch offs or Peel & Win® cards work for you?

Here are some no-fail ways you can use scratch cards as an independent rep:

1- Reward Repeat Customers

  • Clients earn scratch cards with purchases so that they can win discounts on future purchases.
  • Collect to Win Promotions- Customers make purchases and earn cards with letters underneath- the more transactions within a time frame, the more cards they are awarded. Cards are set up so that very few numbers spell the chosen word (i.e. S-C-E-N-T-S-Y). This is done by controlling the number printed for one letter. As a result, customers who spell the entire word are handsomely rewarded (think McD’s Monopoly game). You can sprinkle instant win prizes within the mix to keep things interesting (think discounts, free key chains, free products, BOGO products, etc).

2- Encourage Bigger Purchases

  • Use cards to upsell- this is all about strategically awarding prizes:- Prizes like “$10 off a $100 purchase” create the urgency for the client to hit a certain buying level to take advantage of the additional discount. Someone who may have only planned to spend $80 may purchase additional products to use the added savings from their scratch or peel prize.
  • – Prizes like “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” or “Buy One Get One 1/2 Off” are very successful in creating additional income. Customers initially may only be interested in buying one. Because the deal has been sweetened, they often buy more than they intended or find gifts for others to take advantage of the savings.

3- Attract New Customers

  • Refer a friend- give direct sales scratch off cards out at parties for them to hand off to friends and family. The new customer scratches to find a discount, while the original customer is rewarded for their referral. This keeps your network of new and dedicated clients exponentially growing.
  • Use as a business card – Business cards are still widely used even in today’s digital world. Why not make them contact you worth their while? You want people to remember you and feel like getting in touch with you will benefit them. Put a scratch offer on your business card to create a connection.
  • Leave behind- Use at networking events, craft fairs, trade shows and just about any place where you are in contact with a large number of people. It’s likely you may have some competing businesses, and a card with a scratch or peel element will create a more lasting connection than those who blanket them with a ton of flyers that will likely end up in the trash.
  • Reward bookings- Offer a scratch card to host/hostesses that sweeten the hostess deals at your in-home/ online parties.  Because they feel more heavily rewarded, they push to get their friends involved therefore exponentially increasing your exposure.

Leave Your Mark

Direct Marketing Sales Promotion scratch off and Peel & Win® promotions work well because they establish a tangible connection to your brand. Furthermore, email and Facebook marketing may be seen for a moment or due to email filters, or totally unseen. Give them something to remember you by! A physical card provides a level of personal interaction one cannot achieve in a digital environment. Of course, the two certainly complement each other well!  While digital media achieves immediacy, print media succeeds in permanency. A digital campaign to market your physical one would be the perfect combination of online to offline marketing strategies to maximize your MLM earning potential.

We offer a number of promotional solutions to help thrust your MLM success into overdrive. Call Kristie at 813-831-9902 to learn more about making direct sales scratch offs or Peel & Win® cards work for you. Samples of our cards are always free- GET SOME!