Custom Scratch off Cards: Creative and Fun Ideas for Scratch off Marketing & Advertising


How custom Scratch off Cards can be an advantage to your marketing strategy.

Scratch off Cards continue to be one of the most effective methods of marketing in a company’s arsenal. No matter what changes occur in any industry, you can always rely on this tried-and-true method to improve your brand’s reach while getting the word out on products, services, events, discounts, and other happenings.
Many companies in recent years have utilized Scratch off printing to design and implement marketing materials that allow them to stand out. To help you take advantage of this awesome design technique, here are some creative and fun custom die-cutting scratch off ideas for your next advertising campaign:

Strengthen Your Company’s Logo

A well-designed logo can help consumers immediately identify your brand. You’ve probably spent a great deal of time developing, implementing, and maybe even redesigning your company’s logo over a period of months or years, so why not use custom scratch off it stand out? Putting your logo front and center as part of your marketing strategy will help it get more notice, which is instrumental in being able to stand out among your competition.

Create Custom Scratch off Cards to Promote and increase your profits.

Creative design utilizing scratch off cards and a clear message will automatically put anything you send out above much of your competition. If you really want to get a recipient’s attention, however, then interaction using custom scratch off printing is the best way to go. Constructing custom cards that use scratch off, PEEL & Win and other design features that spark interaction is a fun way to engage a potential customer. Increase your profits over regular coupon offers with a winning prize

Design a Funny Animal or Mascot

Highlight a Motto or Popular Quote

If your company has a motto that will translate well when used as part of a marketing campaign, then, use it! When used in conjunction with scratch off printing techniques, this can be a fun way to grab a person’s attention while also delivering your brand’s message.

Utilize Winning Prizes to Add Some Excitement with our Custom Scratch off Printing

A lot of people may not know what the word lottery tickets means, yet they’ve seen it hundreds or probably thousands of times. Many consider scratch offs only to be available through State Lotteries. This is simply not the case. Our custom scratch off cards are used by Mom-and-Pop businesses all the to Fortune 500 Companies. This makes it a perfect pairing for our scratch-off cards and promotions. This is a fun way to add a bit of style to your marketing materials and will effectively grab a customer’s attention far more than any standard typeface will. It will increase your response rates and PROFITS!

Contact Promo Printing Group for Custom Scratch off Printing Strategies

Scratch off strategies have the potential to put your business past your competitors without breaking your marketing budget. Promo Printing Group can help you develop a creative and fun marketing campaign with the use of custom die-cutting techniques. If you’d like more ideas or are ready to begin your next campaign now, reach out to our design experts at (813-831-9902 to schedule a no-cost consultation. Or shoot us and email at and receive a FREE SAMPLE Package.