7 Unique Benefits of Producing Custom Scratch offs with Promo Printing Group, Inc.


How will your company benefit from working with our Scratch off printing company?

Ever since the advent of print media, advertisers and marketers have searched for new and exciting ways to help businesses grow their brands and increase their profits. Now many repeat customers utilize our scratch off printing as well as direct mail marketing for various marketing campaigns.

Perhaps you don’t know anything about this trend or maybe you’ve simply never considered the benefits of working with a custom scratch off printing company as a driving force for your targeted mailing services. Today, we’re going to look at just a few of the advantages you’ll receive when you enlist their assistance.

Faster Presentation for Approval

In the past, employing custom scratch off printing services would often mean a long wait time before you could see what the product was going to look like prior to actual production. With the use of a digital printing company, however, digital proofs can be created in a timelier manner so that you can review and approve it prior to production. Even if your marketing initiative isn’t happening right away, this can be indispensable.

Speedy Production and Delivery from a Custom Scratch Off Printing Company

Whether time is of the essence or you’re gearing up for a future project, it’s always best to know things will be done promptly. Once you approve the appearance of your advertising materials, the project will go into immediate production. Since the process doesn’t involve any overly complicated machinery, materials can be printed quickly and efficiently. This means that marketing materials can be sent out to potential customers at a faster rate, too.

Short Print Runs Are No Issue for our Scratch off Printing Company

Custom printing has been around for a long time, but for many years, a short run of materials would often be too costly of an endeavor, especially for the small companies who would typically need them more than anyone else. That was because the process involved a lot of labor and setup just to get the project started, no matter if you were printing 100 or 100,000 items. Digital printing companies can now produce short runs without it costing your business an arm and a leg.

Full Customization is Possible

Make each scratch off piece or mailing more relevant to your reader by including unique messaging, images, and personalization. Our state of the art printing allows for merging data with a graphic file, resulting in higher ROI. Track results for multiple offers and then hone in on what works best!
Projects Can Be Instantly Recalled

When you select analog printing for a project and then later decide that you want to do a second run, you’ll often need to start over from scratch or at least pay a premium amount for the project to be prepped all over again. Our Scratch off printing company will store every aspect of your project so that if you ever need to produce another run, everything is already finished and ready to start printing. And, of course, alterations can easily be made if needed.

Save Money by Printing on Demand

Promo Printings Scratch off Printing is all about offering a high level of flexibility for every single project. This includes projects where printing may need to be done on a per order basis. This saves a lot of money on projects where a business would’ve been forced in the past to purchase a bigger production run than they really needed and store what wasn’t sold or utilized.

Put Your Trust in Promo Printing Group, Inc. as Your Scratch off Printing Company

Scratch off printing takes expertise, finesse, and dedication. Our team at Promo Printing Group will work closely with you on your next project to make it a success. If you have any questions about our Scratch off printing process or are ready to consult with our team, give us a call at (813) 813-9902 or email us at info@PromoPrintingGroup.com